“He who saves a child, saves the world”

The Milhous Childrens' Home is a private initiative of the foundation 'Stichting Netherlands Sri Lanka', which was established by four people from Goes in The Netherlands after the tsunami of 2004. The aim of the foundation is to provide essential support for children and orphans in Sri Lanka that will ensure that they can have a better and more hopeful future.

Thanks to the amount of donations, the foundation has been able to build four childrens' homes/orphanages where a maximum of 90 children can enjoy a safe and loving home life while also benefitting from education and medical care arrangements.  

At the end of June 2009 the first home: the Milhous Children's Home was opened in Panumugama, giving a home and protection to 24 girls.
In March 2011, construction started on the second house for 24 girls in Katupotha, with the work being carried out by local building constructors. It was completed in January 2012.
On 11th January 2014 the SMI Child Care and Development Center was opened. This third house is located in Kelaniya near Colombo.
The fourth house is situated in Ja Ela and was opened in January 2018.


PowerPoint Presentation

We gladly offer you, or your organisation, a PowerPoint Presentation.
We will tell you all about the origins of our four homes, and how the children are doing now.

We will also tell you about the history, the nature, the religions and the daily life in Sri Lanka.
Interested? Then please contact us. We will be happy to come!


Support us

If you would like to support the work of the foundation, we would be most grateful. Being a foundation, we are entirely dependent on the generosity of donors for the maintenance of the childrens' homes and for the care of the children, who have absolutely nothing. This is the reason that we are not afraid to ask for your support on their behalf. So please support our foundation and help ensure that these children will be able to have a good life in the future.

You can support us by:

  • Making donations
  • Becoming a donator for a fixed amount - from € 5,- per month
  • Making a bequest to the foundation in your will.


BANK ACC.NO.:      NL83 RABO 0111 7991 12
of "Stichting Netherlands Sri Lanka" in Goes, The Netherlands.

If you donate money to us, would you please include your address, place of residence and e-mail address on your bank statement.

Thanks to our short lines, nothing sticks to the bow and your money will all end up on the childrens' plate.

(A charter of acknowledged charitable organisations)

The foundation "Stichting Netherlands Sri Lanka" is registered in the Chamber of Commerce in Middelburg with number 22058464, and is classed as an acknowldged charitable organisation (ANBI) which means that donations are tax deductible, and no endowment/inheritance tax is payable.


ANBI Tax-id no. :

Contact data:



Simon Vestdijklaan 27
4481 DM  Kloetinge
+31 113 212290


Members of the board: Chairman: vacancy
M. Schouwenaar, vice-chairman / treasurer.
T. Uitterhoeve-Geene, secretary.
E. Sanderse-van den Berg, board member.
Main goal: Provide essential support for children and orphans in Sri Lanka that will ensure that they can have a better and more hopeful future.
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Policy documents:
Policy plan 2017-2019
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2017 Annual report Financial statement Statement of income & expenses 2017 en 2016
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Contact data

Secretariat: Simon Vestdijklaan 27, 4481 DM  Kloetinge, The Netherlands.
Telephone no.: + 31 113 212290

Members of the board:


Tanja Uitterhoeve-Geene Tanja Uitterhoeve - Geene   Telephone no.: + 31 113 212290 secretaris@ stichtingnetherlandssrilanka.nl

Vice-chairman / Treasurer

TheoSchouwenaar Theo Schouwenaar
Telephone no.: + 31 113 221725   penningmeester@ stichtingnetherlandssrilanka.nl

Board member

Elsbeth Sanderse van de Berg Elsbeth Sanderse - van de Berg  Telephone no.: + 31 113 214816 bestuurslid@ stichtingnetherlandssrilanka.nl